Skyshine’s BEDLAM: REDUX! is a challenging, strategic, turn-based strategy game set in an over-the-top post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with colorful characters and brutal enemy encounters. Influenced by great games like FTL, XCOM and built on the Banner Saga Engine.

Skyshine’s BEDLAM: REDUX! is now available on steam for PC and Mac!!steam_linkClick here to visit our Steam page and purchase BEDLAM: REDUX!

You might be wondering… why is there a REDUX? Well, here is our story…

We released the original version back in September of 2015 with glowing accolades from our peers and press, so we were not prepared for [read: shocked to tears] when customers started writing negative reviews and not taking a liking to our original gameplay and combat system. Some of the reviews were so hurtful that we almost questioned as to why we bother doing video games in the first place! We tried a few quick fixes, but those weren’t the answer. So we began the process of reading every single review and communicating with players to formulate a plan on how to improve the game. The REDUX version is the culmination of five months of rework, redesign and redevelopment. We believe this version is the definitive version of Skyshine’s BEDLAM. One that, after released, saw a lot of positive reviews, won “Best Strategy Game” at SXSW 2016 and even once negative reviews were being changed to positive. So come on, what are you waiting for?  GO BEDLAM!


We just released update 3.10 which focuses on more strategic battles to make Skyshine’s BEDLAM an even better game!!

Here are the changes to battles!

  • Equalizers now only affect the selected player. A hidden feature: if one of your units is 1 unit away, it affects them as well!
  • Some Dozer equalizers now cost meat or crude, no more power cell grinding!
  • Shootable barrels on battlefield, lure the enemy to them and BOOOOM!
  • Enemy deadeyes will fire nukes after a minimum of 4 battles
  • Frontliners now have passive shield allies ability!
  • Enemy Rogue A.I. units either use deflective or invisibility power every 4th turn
  • Marauders now have ‘rage’ ability every 3rd turn. 80% chance of higher damage attack
  • New veteran and elite level up rules, you control what characteristic to change!
  • Balanced the health and damage of the non-human factions
  • Blitz happens every five turns in arcade mode
  • Enemies fire a few equalizers on themselves after threat level 3
  • Adjusted size and layout of some battle boards.
  • Recruit a new unit when you have lost all units of a class type
  • Most elites now have an Area of Effect attached to their attack!
  • Increased crude and meat payout upon victory in campaign mode

BEDLAM: REDUX! launched March 16th, 2015

New battle mechanics!

  • Squad based tactics with 2AP (Action Points) per unit with each team being able to use any or all of their units per turn!!!! It is what everyone has been asking for!
  • Movement will cost 1AP
  • Attacking without moving will cost 2AP and inflict 100% damage
  • Moving and then attacking will cost 1AP and inflict 60% damage
  • Weapon powercell cost slightly reduced to encourage more usage
  • Added ‘End Turn’ option
  • In Arcade play, Blitz has been reworked to be more fun
  • Option added in Settings to turn on original 2AP per team rules


  • Improved A.I.
  • Play as EACH FACTION! If you ever wondered what it would be like to fight as a crew of Mutants or Cyborgs or even mixed… now you can!
  • Each Dozer now has a “leader” Elite!
  • You can now choose your crew complement (want to start with an Elite and fewer rookies?)
  • Reworked Campaign mode NO more is the goal to just get to Aztec City…collect the four lost relics to help ensure victory over the self-proclaimed overlord of Bedlam! And can you liberate Bedlam of all the ruthless factions and restore order in the wasteland?
  • Reworked Arcade mode! Can you make it to Aztec City on a set course, with no side missions, lots of obstacles and no Dozer management? If you do, one of the four new Dozers awaits!
  • Improved Events. Lots of event options now affect the state and level of danger in Bedlam!
  • Added some variety to existing events and reduced the overall number of clicks through events.
  • Revamped threat level system: Not only do events affect the threat level but so does battle outcomes! Your choices now matter more.
  • Marauder Rush ability added to Enemy and Crew Marauders
  • Gunslinger Return Fire ability much improved


  • New character sprites for all faction crewmembers!
  • 72 new rookie and veteran crewmembers!!!
  • 5 new Dozers, one for each faction!
  • 5 new Elites, including The Mechanic!
  • BEDLAMIZED NAMES!! When one of the new faction crewmembers are added to your Dozer at launch, they pull their nicknames randomly from a huge list of names based on many of our backer’s real names and suggestions!
  • Many new events added and a random outcome system implemented
  • Battlefields have been revisited to resize, re-layout and reposition for maximum awesomeness

General Changes

  • Reduced memory footprint of all animations
  • Bug fixes galore
  • Dozer travel and transport animations reduced for better performance
  • Sometimes during Dozer travel the game no longer freezes (bug fix)
  • Battle resource pickups (in Arcade mode) have been repositioned so they are more attainable
  • New tutorials are being worked on!

Skyshine’s BEDLAM Dossier on Dozers Trailer

*note* The crew page scenes in this video are outdated. Since release, we have reduced the number of deployed crew members from six to four. All other info, in video, is still relevant.



All of us at Skyshine Games were blown away by all of the attention
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