New Online Slots Winners With Big Money Prizes

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Have you ever heard of someone winning big in online casinos? The answer is, yes! It really does happen, but it is very rare. While many people are putting their luck in online slots, betting a large sum of money with online gambling usually does not end well for the player. With just one click of a button, many of the lives of these online players have changed, whether be it for the better or for the worse.

Most people who are hooked with online gambling dreams of winning the jackpot prize, but it also means that if there are more players playing slots online, the higher the chance that the jackpot will be out. And if the media outlets hear of these high grossing jackpots because of the player’s casino issuing a press release, they know that it is completely newsworthy.

Online slots bonus machines or video slots are usually the ones that are very rewarding with some of the biggest winnings ever. Most of these notable wins are made with low stakes.

Listed below are some of the recently recorded winners with big money prizes from online slots:

  • On the 5th of November, 2016, a guy named Marcus who was playing The Mega Moolah Online Slot won a whopping amount of $11 million at Marcus was so ecstatic about his win and could not believe that his life had changed literally overnight. He mentioned that he was planning to buy a huge house and book a first class trip for him and his family to Africa.


  • Another big winner is a player whose name was not mentioned who won a total of £3.9 million by playing the online slots Mega Fortune Dreams by Casumo. The winner was said to be just a newly registered player at Casumo and did it within just 2 hours into playing. Now, that’s what I call beginners luck, right? According to a press release, he was just fiddling with his phone, spinning his luck moments before midnight when he got completely lucky and won the jackpot.


Usually, there are more players who won big jackpots in online casinos specifically with online slots. But most of this news is sometimes just posted on the online casinos’ website. More often, it is very rare that this kind of news reaches the international news. That is why some people think that playing online slot is only another kind of scam because they never heard of the news that more and more people are winning.

win word gameIf more people will do some research, they will know that there really are winners in playing online slots. There is also a couple of high-paying online slots; some of them are listed below with the return to player’ percentage (RTP) calculations which simply means that RTP is the rate of how much of the money being put in that is given back to the player in terms of winnings.

  1. Devil’s Delight with a 97.6% return to a player percentage.
  2. Magicious with a 97.6% return to a player percentage.
  3. Kings of Chicago with a 97.8% return to a player percentage.
  4. Blood Suckers with a 98% return to a player percentage.
  5. Joker Strike with a 98.11% return to a player percentage
  6. 1429 Uncharted Seas at 98.6 %
  7. Mega Joker at 99% return to a player percentage
  8. Monopoly Big Event at 99% returns to a player percentage.

Interesting fact about these selected online slots game is that it gives you that higher probability of winning. With a higher RTP, the better are the odds that you will beat the game.

Online gambling games maybe for some, fun and others think of it as exciting. But it doesn’t mean that you also have to bet all that you have for that once in lifetime luck. We are still encouraging responsible gambling and never forget to enjoy what you are doing because if there is no fun and enjoyment in it, then it is just pure gambling with the intention of getting rich instantly.